Tuesday 11 December 2012

What I know about Brazilians...

1. All Brazilians brush their teeth at lunchtime.

2. Brazilians are generally pretty happy people. Yeah, compared to the average northwestern European they certainly are.

3. Brazilians can add a –inha or –zinha to pretty much every word. Just take caipirinha.

4. Brazilians have awesome names. People I have met are called: ‘Letsgo’, ‘Madeinusa’, ‘Waltdisney’, ‘Isaac Newton’, ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘John Lennon’. Terrific!

5. Brazilians like people. Be it in the park, the shopping center or the beach – they prefer a good crowd to lonely places. Oh yeah… they love shopping centers!

6. Brazilians of all ages make very frequent use of the thumb. Be it in traffic, at sports games or just seeing a friend on the street - “giving and getting the thumb” is part of your daily moves. For more Brazilian hand gestures, please refer to: http://www.worldcupriobrazil.com/20111013_brazilian-hand-gestures/

7. When Brazilians turn 15, it’s party time (baile de debutante). Big time. Suit time. Or weddingdress time. Or Disneyland time. God knows why.

8. Brazilians have some unique anatomy. If something should be done quickly, or is demanding, the Brazilian would say so and underline his statement with a snap, created by a loosened index finger snapping against the other fingers. Only real Brazilians can do it.

9. Brazilians are stuck in traffic. But they seem to be super comfortable with a 2-hour trip to work each day and back. Also going on a 600km daytrip is no big deal for Brazilians. Tranquilidade, cara.

 10. Brazilians are waiting in queues in front of nightclubs. Sometimes 200 meters. Even though they know that nobody’s in the club. Marketing de fila, gente.

11. For Brazilians, most things are tranquilo. Or tudo bem. Or suave. Or susse no musse for that matter. They are generally pretty relaxed people.

12. Brazilians have this beautiful word called saudade, which cannot be translated. In fact, according to scholars, it is translated as “I have saudades of you”. It can be described as a "...vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist ... a turning towards the past or towards the future." A stronger form of saudade may be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing. It may also be translated as a deep longing or yearning for something that does not exist or is unattainable. Brazilians even celebrate the day of saudade, which is January 30.

13. Brazilians get married at the age of 24. Preferably earlier.

14. Brazilian daughters have to call their mums at least three times per day. It’s within their biology.

15. Brazilians love their calculators. They have to.

16. Brazilian drivers use every millimeter between cars.

17. Brazilian Portuguese is simply beautiful. I personally recommend the dialect of Minas Gerais.

18. Brazilians are pretty good in turning everything into a samba. But then, I haven’t met many Brazilians that can really samba. Oh well… Maybe it's because I live in Curitiba.

19. The work/party ratio is spread across Brazil. The further south you live the more you work, the further north you live the more you party. It’s as easy as that. Hence, Brazilians of Rio know the joie de vivre. Brazilians of Sao Paulo know how to work.

20. Brazilians seem to love the constant thrill. Be it driving like mad or just the daily shower with the danger of an electric shock. The adventure is always out there for Brazilians.

21. Brazilians are specialists with regards to resistors and transformers. There is neither a common voltage nor common electric plugs.

 22. It is common practice for Brazilians to cancel meetings last minute. Refreshingly enough, nobody is resentful however.

23. Brazilians will always invite others to their homes, for a beer, for a dinner or um bate-papo when they meet someone for the first time. It’s common understanding that this never actually happens.

24. Brazilians seem to like sex. When (still) living with parents / grandparents / spouses their preferred place to exercise their moves is the Motel.

25. Brazilians are absolutely welcoming and hospitable. They use a saying I love: “My house is like the heart of a mother – there is always room for another one.”

26. Brazilians have two lifes. One is their real one. The other one is the ‘Novela’ (the Brazilian soap opera).

27. Brazilians usually are decent of at least one European country. A lot of them look European and love their heritage – one of them opened up a Kuckucksuhr factory in southern Brazil. Yes.

28. Brazilians adore their cars. They buy them at the most expensive prices in the world, pay them off in at least 80 months, built in a crazy sound system (if it’s a pickup) and then are constantly paranoid about getting it stolen anytime. (http://www.automotiveworld.com/news/emerging-markets/89068-brazil-home-to-the-world-s-most-expensive-cars) ,

29. ‘Parcelar’ (paying things off in installments) or in other, broader words domestic credit, is growing at incredible rates in Brazil, and households are starting to struggle with the debt.

30. Brazilians have a very healthy patriotism.

31. Brazilians like massive TVs. And rede globo.

32. It is heartwarming to see the family love Brazilians have. Every Brazilian loves a good family cuddle. Generally, Brazilians love to be close. Giving an abraço (manly hug) or beijo (guess what) can be done both verbally, but preferably physically.

33. Brazilians are very cool with races. Not so cool with different social classes.

34. Rice and beans are more than the Brazilian’s daily bread. It is like a common religious daily meal consumed at abnormal quantities, uniting the whole country. If desired, you can put cut chips (batata palha) or flour (farofa) on it. On Saturday, the meal turns into a feijoada, including every piece of meat a pig has to offer.

35. Apart from feijao e arroz, Brazilians have countless religions. They are absolutely relaxed about mixing religions, e.g. some spiritual habits go along smoothly with catholic saints.

36. Everything is sweeter in Brazil. They love their beijinho, brigadeiro or tons of sugar in the coffee. So not only Brazil’s economy depends on sugar…

37. Brazilian women know how to cook. Brazilian men know how to do a churrasco (A churrasco is a religious ritual often taking up to several hours, preparing meat in a sacred manner over the open flame.)

38. Brazilians like to share their pizza. I’ve never seen anybody here eating a pizza alone.

39. Brazilians wear braces. No matter how old they are or what they do. It’s like a necklace for them. Just on the teeth. Bling bling.

40. Brazilians are the soy-kings. They can make everything out of soy (especially money) and put soy in everything (especially juice).

41. Brazilians enjoy a good caipirinha. Interestingly enough, it seems that there is a fair share of people drinking it with Wodka instead of the delicious Cachaça.

42. Brazilians seem to follow one caipirinha rule: If it’s a fruit, it can be turned into a caipirinha. They are doing a pretty awesome job out of it.

43. Brazilians have great coffee (which they export to Europe) and not so great coffee (which they drink). The same accounts for orange juice.

 44. Brazilians live football. They love it to the extent that you might have to choose a company according to the football club they are supporting. Of course nobody works when the Seleção is playing. You could risk getting stuck in traffic and miss the match. “Show de bola!”

45. Brazilians seem to think that Germans drink warm beer and eat Eisbein on a daily basis. And Sauerkraut. 

46. Brazilians think French people never shower.

47. Brazilians worship their beaches. Sitting on a canga (not a towel!), women always face the sun, men always face the women. It’s an unwritten law.

48. Brazilians fashion is generally focused toward the beach. From Havaianas to cangas to the so-beloved-bikinis or the sunglasses, that’s where they’re world-leading. In colder areas, e.g. Curitiba, the fashion is hovering somewhere in the 80s, maybe.

49. Thinking about it, the beach is a central part that life for Brazilians revolves around. When watching the weather report, especially in cities like Rio, the most important question is “Da praia no fim de semana?” – literally: “Will beach be possible this weekend?” and then, once received the news, it will be followed by cheers or sad faces. If beach “is possible” Brazilians going to the beach or on the beach greet each other in a very lovely manner: “Boa praia para você!” – “Have a good beach!”.

50. Brazilian homes are built for Brazilian heat and summer parties. The lack of heating and isolated windows letting Brazilians in the south freeze in winter each year is only overcome by the constant comforting thought of reaching summer soon and sleeping with 4 blankets and 3 jumpers.

51. Brazilian men always wear running shoes ‘tennis’. Always. Preferably Nike Shocks.

52. There is a higher quantity of women running around in Gymnastics clothing then elsewhere in the world. I’m sure they all do gymnastics.

53. Not all Brazilian women are extremely hot. Some are just hot.

54. There is an over-proportional quantity of silicone in Brazilian bodies, at any position you can imagine. Just some are hot.

55. Brazilian men love taking off their shirts on Sunday walks. Of course they keep their ‘tennis’ on.

56. Rio citizens don’t step on gullies because they’re afraid that they might explode. God knows why.

57. Every Brazilian is questioning the functioning of the country during the world cup. The phrase “Imagina isso na copa” – “Imagine this during the world cup” can be heard about twice a day. I’m sure they will samba their way through though.

58. Brazilians don’t get stressed when facing problems. Conformismo is the key-word and “faz parte” a key-phrase. They frown, sit down passively and wait for better days. Sometimes they play a Bossa which goes along smoothly with the suffering. A classic example: All Brazilians hate the operator TIM. But none would go out there and change anything about it.

59. Brazilians’ incomes range from Chad to Switzerland. Although Brazil’s Gini Coefficient has seen a drastic drop between 1998 (60,7) and 2012 (51,9), there is still a long way to go to reach the income situation of its BRIC counterparts (Russia:42; India: 36,8; China:48).

60. Brazilians will tell you that they suffer high (import) taxes. And it’s true: they live in one of the most expensive countries on earth. Taxes are not only high - they are hideously complicated, and take around 36% of GDP, a far higher number than in other middle-income countries. Moreover, it seems that the government's ability to collect taxes has run far ahead of any effort to streamline them.

61. Brazilian’s suffer a bureaucracy that is worse than Germany’s bureaucracy. The only thing they have is called jeitinho – a way around it, way to solve it, way to appreciate it.

62. For some reason Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the craziness of Mixed Material Arts is a huge success in Brazil. Women and men get together, prepare a churrasco and enjoy some sweet bashing up until the early morning hours. Get involved!

63. “São Paulo (12) and Rio de Janeiro (13) remain the most expensive cities for expatriates across both North and South America”. http://www.mercer.com/press-releases/cost-of-living-rankings

64. I have met an incredible amount of Brazilians that work extremely efficient, long hours and study in the evenings and on the weekend.

65. In Brazil you are either a lawyer or a dentist. The first is to overcome Number 61. and the second to confirm that Number 1. is done well.

66. In all aspects, politics, economy or football - Brazilians have a hate-love relationship with Argentina.

67. If Brazilians only knew how beautiful their countryside is...

68. Brazilians love Crocs (as in the shoes).

69. All Brazilians seem to want to work in the public sector. Some of them do the entry exams for the jobs, receive a place on a ‘waiting list’ and wait forever to get a job at Petrobras. No wonder, mostly meaning exorbitant incomes and a secure job once you get in. Please see: http://www.economist.com/node/21556916 

70. When parking a car in Brazil, it doesn’t matter where you are, in the city, in the outskirts or somewhere lost in the jungle – you will always encounter somebody who will charge you for parking. Always, everywhere, without exceptions.

71. Brazilians love their music. From two weird singing cowboys (Sertanejo), to beautiful Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB or wild Brazilian Funk, Pagode, Brazilians mostly chose their genre according to their (social) background and upbringing. But you can rely on them that when it comes down to the classics in any of these genres, all Brazilians will be able to sing the songs of their heart and move their hips to it.

72. Brazil has an incredible amount of cover bands. They are making up for the lack of hipster bands touring Brazil. A friend of mine is playing in a pretty successful Interpol cover band. ‘nuff said.

 73. Brazilians all seem to hate Brazilian funk. But then you meet all of them bouncing like crazy at the party.

74. Brazilians are pretty flexible people – they tend to change their jobs every 6 months.

75. Brazilians will always give you great recommendations. They will tell you “you have to go to that and that restaurant, it’s the best in town,..” Funny enough, in most cases, they haven’t been there before, but they sell it to you with such a passion that you would instantly buy it.

76. As a Brazilian student, you either live at home with your parents or share a room with 4 other people.

77. Every Brazilian outside of Curitiba thinks that Curitiba is the perfect, role-model city in terms of infrastructure and urban planning. Every Brazilian living in Curitiba is suffering a collapsing transport system.

78. Brazilians don’t take off their shoes when they step into anybody’s home.

79. Brazilians love fireworks!

80. Brazil can get freaking hot!

81. Brazil can get freaking cold!!

82. Brazilians love “day of…”, e.g. day of the stewardess, day of post-rock, day of skateboarders,…

83. Brazilians generally tend to complain about their country, especially their country’s politics. But then, they could never leave it. Or if they left it at some point, they surely come back after a maximum of two years.

84. Brazilians, if in business or private, usually tend to use their first names when they talk to each other. To the extent that when I asked an acquaintance named Paulo, what his last name was, he replied: Just call me Paulinho. Doctors and lawyers are always called Dr. even if they don’t have a PhD.

85. Understanding taxes or doing proper business according to Brazilian tax law is a bloody nightmare. There are hideously complicated trading taxes between different states of the country. How crazy is that? Moreover, doing business is incredibly expensive, compared to many other Latin American countries. Dilma, please let the animal spirits roar!

86. Even though things aren’t perfect in Brazil, it is improving in many ways. The only ones who don’t believe in it are the Brazilians.

87. Brazil is one of the few countries, where the farmers are actually the fellas with the big money.

88. Against all concern, compared to its Latin American neighbors, Brazil’s democracy has yielded broad political continuity and economic stability.

89. If Brazilians want to go to the pool, they either use the one in their house or go to a so-called “clube” where you have to be a member. Public pools per se are very scarce.

 90. Brazilian’s don’t wear black clothes on funerals.

91. In Brazil you will find literally every hairstyle (usually influenced by football players), every skincolor, and every ethnic background. The Brazilian per se does not exist.

92. Brazilians don’t have moving stairs rules. You need to battle your way through.

93. Brazilians enjoy the service of frentistas, people who fill up your vehicle.

94. Brazilians discriminate zebra crossings.

95. Brazilians eat avocado as a fruit, not as a vegetable.

 96. If Brazilians consume a lot at a restaurant, it is common habit to order a saideira, a free drink to finish off the meal.

97. Brazilians are the fastest to leave the cinemas. My hypothesis is that they only go into the movies to win the race at the end, being the one who first leaves the theatre.

98. Brazilians have an interesting perception of last names. They are particularly interested in last names and it sometimes seems to me that it they relate some value to it. Speaking of names… Brazilians cannot believe that my name is Manuel and that my sister is called Theresa. And then, Brazilian authorities all want to know what my mother’s name is. What’s my momma got to do with this?

99. Brazilians go crazy if they find out that an international band is playing in town. They’re from the UK or the US? They have to be awesome! Let's go!

100. Brazilian’s don’t throw toilet paper in the toilet.

Little update:
More than 75.000 meninos e meninas have read this post. I am overwhelmed...
If you want to hear me personally, check out the Interview I gave on CBN on Monday, reference

"What I didn't know about Brazilians..."

Thanks for your comments! I am loving the discussions!


  1. 90. Brazilians DO wear black clothes on funerals. It's a tremendous disrespect not to use them.

    1. Nunca vi ninguém usando tudo preto em funeral, a nao ser em novela.

    2. That's not true at all, the author is absolutely correct. People do prefer to wear black clothes, specially if you are in the immediate family of the deceased. But people only expect you to wear "nice" clothes, or as old people would put it, "church clothes", the same ones you use to go to church on sunday.

    3. I've never been to a funeral, but never saw my mom wearing black when she had to go to one...
      Actually, I asked her about this once and she told me is not a good color, brings 'bad vibrations' or something (she's not a hippie!).

    4. Só em novela mesmo. Sempre está muito quente pra se usar roupas pretas num funeral, ainda mais esperar o enterro debaixo de um sol quente desses.

    5. People don't NEED to wear black clothes, but you'd expect people to dress in a "serious" way. Gray tones, less accessories, and so on.

    6. I've never seen anyone not wearing black at a funeral. Maybe it's a regional thing... Personally, I think it's rude to wear anything but black!

      Loved your article, and as a mineira I feel quite proud of our "dialect" :)


    7. I've been to many funerals and the number of people wearing black is very little.

    8. Thanks, Manuel.

      This is a beautiful text. I've enjoyed it very much, being a Brazilian.

      You get us.


    9. quero ver uma foto de funeral e todos de preto!!! não vale de político nem de bilionário. Saindo de lá tenho que trabalhar, né?

    10. well, i'm brazilian and I totally agree with this. we really don't use black clothes in funerals. and i really dont find it necessary.

      its only clothes, for gods sake!

  2. where did you get the concept that a saideira is a free drink? You do order a saideira, as a last drink or night cap, but thats when you ask for the check as well. And its paid for!

    And yeah... I was born in Curitiba, raised in Joinville, lived in Boa Vista-RR and live in SP. I'm more afraid of roaming downtown CTBA alone than crackolândia in São Paulo. I know it's gotten bad.

    1. Depends on the "saidera".
      he said, if you expend a lot, or consume a lot, you ask for a saideira de cortesia. I always win that.

    2. Possibly cause you're a "gringo" Hahaha

    3. hahaha ok, I never drink a "saideira" without pay for it, u must expend a lot when you go out for drink...lol

    4. I had a free Saidera tonight! ;) Cheers for that!

    5. I always had a saidera for free!!!!

    6. I never had saideira for free ;(

    7. Free "saidera" is usually for regular customers. When you go to the same bar after work or at weekends, you end up knowing the waitress' name, the owner and etc. They usually give you "saidera" to keep you as a customer ... :) ... it's like "Thank you and come back soon"

    8. Here in Curitiba, when you ask for a saidera, the waiter knows that this last drink is for free, but only if you consumed a lot before asking for that one...

  3. and brushing our teeth isn't just for lunch time. You're expected to brush right after you finish eating at all meals, when you get up and before going to bed.

    Same goes for showering... when you get up and when you go to bed... and after lunch in the north of Brazil as well.

    1. yes of course, but what the author meant was that people from other countries (especially the uk where i live) do not usually have the habit to brush their teeth after lunch, only in the morning and before bed. It doesn't mean that Brazilians only brush their teeth at lunch time.

  4. 97. Brazilians are the fastest to leave the cinemas. My hypothesis is that they only go into the movies to win the race at the end, being the one who first leaves the theatre.

    hahahahaha, I hate when people with me do this.

    Incredible list, so true.

    1. and the fastest to leave airplanes as well!!

    2. i think the main thing is: brazilians LOVE cues hahaha

  5. 90. Brazilian’s don’t wear black clothes on funerals. True. Never used it.

  6. 91. In Brazil you will find literally every hairstyle (usually influenced by football players), every skincolor, and every ethnic background. The Brazilian per se does not exist.

    Germans are influenced by Justin Bieber???

  7. Nice list.
    Some random trivia:

    Usually brazilians don't throw paper on the toilet because very commonly the system isn't very good and the toilet might clog if you do that. So people just throw paper on the trash, even if they live in places where it wouldn't clog, because it's what you're used to do.

    1. That's right! At my parents' home I can throw it in the toilet, but my current house doesn't have a good system =( I do prefer throwing it in the toilet, and use the trash can for things that doesn't stink, hahahahaha

    2. That's a very useful piece of information. My toilet aways clogs when I receive foreigns because they throw the paper in there.

  8. Rule 56:

    they do explode.

  9. You just forgot about the punctuality. When someone invite you for a party starting at 14h, you are actually expected at 15h ou 16h.

    1. This one should definitely be there! LOL

    2. Yes, that's a really important factor about brazlians! hahaha

    3. Not if you are from Minas. If you call a mineiro to a party at 15h, he will be there a little before 15h.

    4. não é por nada, mas eu sou de Minas, vivo em Minas e TODOS que conheço chegam atrasados pra festas... eu só chego antes quando combinei de ajudar em algo. no mais, sempre 1 hora depois do horário que me falaram.

    5. Nice one! Absolutely true... It1s even commom to hear someone saying "The party starts at 19h, so let's be there by 20h30" haha

  10. Get your facts straight, dude!

    North-Northeast Regions work way much harder than the rest of the country!

    FYI, South/Southern regions have one month break for schools in the middle of the year!
    Besides that, N/NE Regions have the biggest rate of rural workers, which means we really do HARD WORK.

    You should study the place you live in instead of saying stupid facts like that as true.
    Also, I'm studying abroad in the U.S., and I can tell people here need calculators way more than us, Brazilians.

    It's just a matter of education, if you knew the minimum about Brazilian culture, you'd know a big part of the population didn't have access to good education.

    Meanwhile, here in the U.S., my classmates need calculators for any and everything while I can easily do it in my head.

    I wish I could say I liked your text, but as a fellow foreigner, I think you should not write willing to perpetuate stereotypes, but give a realistic picture of the country.

    Specially because it's in you your fellow countrymen will believe after reading this.

    Have a great stay in Brazil, even though a limited mind as yours doesn't deserve to enjoy a minha pátria amada.

    1. calma, cara. que desespero.

    2. Dude don't be rude! First of all, i'm from São Paulo and the conception that people in the North/Northeast are more laid back and willing to party is true! We always say that the "carnaval" for you guys start at the beginning of January and goes till the end of March for example. I agree that this might be a missconception, but you don't need to be that rough with him. Actually he wrote here a lot of interesting and true facts about our amazing culture that made me laugh out loud. Just as you, i'm studying abroad here in the US and many of his points (which i agree with nearly all of them) i had already mentioned here to my friends...of course there are some that i don't see eye to eye with him or that I haven't even understood, but it's nice to read the perceptions (very accurate btw) of a foreign person about our culture!
      So please, the next time, instead of demeaning someone due to 2 articles out of 100 that you didn't like or agree, be more polite and more flexible.

      Congratulations Manuel!!

    3. Can't understand the Ícaro's angry, this is a vision of a foreign, is he telling false facts? No! But there are many things that are blurry.. which is normal for a no native person.

      Manuel congratulations to your text, I laugh and agreed with every single word..

    4. he forget to say
      101- Brazilians get crazy when someone talk about them or their country, i agree with you Daniel, well said Manuel. Hope you enjoy the country.

    5. Na verdade:

      S/SE ppl aqui no brasil são extremamente preconceituosas, só pelo texto e pelos comentários já se vê que nunca passaram mais de 3 mêses no N/NE do país.

      O carnaval que começa em Janeiro não é aqui :)

    6. Fica tranquilo, cara. Tá tudo bem.

    7. Concordo com o Icaro.
      No começo achei o texto engraçadinho, algumas coisas interessantes para contar la fora (ou pros la de fora). Mas, no final, acho que falta um pouco mais de conhecimento da cultura brasileira, por que somos,, como somos ou por que fazemos tal coisa. Topicos como 35, 40, 43, 45, 46, 51, 55, 58, 61... sao ridiculos. Ou seja, a lista poderia ser cortada pela metade. E nao ser pontual é falta de educaçao e nao uma caracteristica.

    8. Você se desespera com o preconceito que se tem do N/NE, mas são poucas as escolas que tem um mês de férias mesmo no S/SE... até por que com a carga horária que o MEC vem exigindo é difícil... Agora, leia os outros comentários e veja como muita gente tem comentado sobre esse ponto... com um pouco mais de educação...
      E eu realmente não sei o que a calculadora tem ou não a ver... eu faço cálculos de cabeça bastante precisos... mas, uso a calculadora a maioria das vezes... por que é mais fácil... e mesmo aqui no brasil, eu já encontrei várias pessoas que fazendo na calculadora levam mais tempo do que eu de cabeça e não conseguiriam fazer de cabeça.. então, realmente não entendi qual o ponto...
      e Nhandeci... não ser pontual é cultural em algumas localidades sim...
      e por que o 35 é ridiculo? Você preferia que nós estivéssemos nos matando, como em Israel, por causa de religião? Sim, aqui no brasil, as religiões convivem com certo nível de respeito e até um pouco de mistura... E por que o 40 é ridiculo? Somos o segundo maior produtor de soja do mundo, e realmente fazemos até suco de soja, hamburguer de soja... E o 43? Vai dizer se o melhor café não é o Tipo Exportação? Vem até escrito na embalagem... Como vários produtos...
      E o que você tem feito contra a tim? Contra os planos de saúde? Contra o governo? Nós somos conformistas, sim... a 20 anos nós tiramos um presidente do poder, mostramos a força que temos, mas mesmo assim a gente deixa a roubalheira continuar e continua votando nos mesmos bandidos e torcendo pra que as coisas melhorem e reclamando no face... Mas, na hora de ir pras ruas... vão 50 pessoas nas manifestações...

      Nós, brasileiros, adoramos criticar o brasil... mas, meu Deus se alguém de fora crítica o Brasil é o fim do mundo... até teve propaganda da Havaianas, se não me engano, satirizando isso... E eu, pessoalmente, acho que ele escreveu isso num tom de admiração e não de desrespeito... Ok, that part I will translate... I do believe that the author wrote this with more admiration than disrespect...
      Então... gente, vamos pegar leve... e se for pra discordar, dos pontos que o estereótipo seja prejudicial... vamos argumentar e não simplesmente descer a lenha...
      o artigo é muito bom e mais de 80% totalmente correto... pelo menos, na minha humilde... eu ri muito aqui!

    9. "Concordo com o Icaro.
      No começo achei o texto engraçadinho, algumas coisas interessantes para contar la fora (ou pros la de fora). Mas, no final, acho que falta um pouco mais de conhecimento da cultura brasileira, por que somos,, como somos ou por que fazemos tal coisa. Topicos como 35, 40, 43, 45, 46, 51, 55, 58, 61... sao ridiculos. Ou seja, a lista poderia ser cortada pela metade. E nao ser pontual é falta de educaçao e nao uma característica."

      Concordo completamente. Esse texto ta ajudando a perpetuar um estereótipo do Brasil que não é verdadeiro. Talvez esses fatos sejam verdadeiros em Curitiba (que, btw, é chamada aqui onde eu moro [SP] de 'o cu do mundo' e não uma cidade modelo como você disse) mas com certeza não são válidos para todo o país, então antes de você sair falando bobeira por aí que tal dar uma pesquisada...?

    10. Relaxa aí querido... Precisas ou não, perfeitamente compreendidas ou não, as observações do autor refletem a visão DELE sobre o nosso país, a experiência DELE no nosso pais! Estereotipadas ou não, para ele devem ser genuínas, ou você acha que o cara resolveu inventar isso tudo? Não vai me dizer que nunca tinha ouvido falar em nada disso... Seja como for, se até pra nós, brasileiros com defeitos sim senhor, é difícil fazer uma análise do nossos pais sem pecar com os estereótipos, imagina pra uma pessoa que não viveu sempre aqui? Ou vai me dizer que você conhece tão profundamente a cultura americana que não cometeria a indelicadeza de escrever um texto como o dele sem esbarrar em estereótipos (o que você quis mesmo dizer com a calculadora, que os americanos são mais burros?) e levando em consideração as características regionais de todos os cinquenta e não sei quantos estados americanos???!!! Boa sorte!

    11. O treco da calculadora so entende quem estuda nos eua, nao eh oq ele falou, EH DE QUEM VEM nesse caso, um AMERICANO dizendo que BRAZILEIRO PRECISA DE CALCULADORA eh simplismente absurdo! ELES USAM CALCULADORA PRA TUDO! Deixam usar ate NAS PROVAS. Me fala quando na vida que um professor de matematica ia te deixar fazer prova com calculadora no BRASIL? E ele vem dizer isso da gente?! Eu achei o fim! E concordo com o ICARO by the way

    12. Relax Ìcaro, why so serius ??

      Its brilliants point of view and very nice to share with us.

      Congrats Manuel !! As CTBA citizen i sing under.

  11. Great list! I'm a Brazilian that has lived in US for many years, and could actually relate to most things on the list... some I had already noticed when moving back to Brazil, but some other I never really thought about.

    Here are just some points on the things you mentioned which I disagree with:

    19. The work/party ratio is spread across Brazil. The further south you live the more you work, the further north you live the more you party. It’s as easy as that. Hence, Brazilians of Rio know the joie de vivre. Brazilians of Sao Paulo know how to work."
    Actually, if you take a look at the overall size of the country, Sao Paulo and Rio are not so separate apart in north and south directions - so this doesn't make much sense. There is a common view that Sao Paulo are more busy and workaholics, and that Rio people are more party animals, but it doesn't have much to do with living in the north or the south.

    13. Brazilians get married at the age of 24. Preferably earlier. - This just makes no sense at all to me, seriously. This really depends on a lot of factors, such as social background, region of the country... Most of the folks I know only got married in their 30s!

    56. Rio citizens don’t step on gullies because they’re afraid that they might explode. God knows why. - They actually do explode, because there are problems in the underground gas system!

    Great article!

  12. All this text is a blasphemy against Brazil

    1. No, it's pretty accurate. You should open your eyes and enjoy your "brazilianity", instead of believing that you're always being judged by the gringos.

      It's beautiful being a Brazilian, I see no point in this shame covered up as revolt.

    2. His list is pretty bad. He had a point of view and decided to call that "Brazilians". He generalized just too much.

      I dont agree its blaphemy, but saying that anyone who disagrees with this list (which is inaccurate cus he abused generalization) disagrees only cus theyre being "judged by the gringos" is pretty ignorant.

    3. thank you! all he's doing is strengthening the stereotypes -.-
      at least a third of this list is bullshit

  13. Oh, and I also didn't get the calculator thing. Or the thing of daughters calling their moms either. :S

    1. I do call my mom many times during day. Every morning(at least) to say hello, then to ask for recipes, or to just chat. I'm very close to my family even I live abroad for years.

  14. Not entirely truth, good list though!

  15. You really don't know what north and south of Brazil look like. Seriously.

    1. good god, people. Irony, anyone? It's supposed to be funny, not geographically accurate!

  16. Actually thinking the bands must be awesome when they're from the US or UK, isn't quite like that. We think it's good because we know the bands, and because the foreign bands that we like very rarely come here to play! That's why it is awesome. It isn't just for the fact that they're american or english.

    Also, you're totally wrong about that calculador thing, man. And where the hell are you staying?

    Like about only 5% of the men I know wear those weird astronaut sneakers. What most guys I know actually wear is allstars.

  17. And, uh, bread is certainly more eaten here than rice and beans. At least in the south. We do have rice and beans every week, but most of us just have bread everyday, even sometimes over twice a day.
    I don't know practically anyone who got married before 24. It must absolutely depend on their social background. You know, man, Brazil is really a HUGE country, these things you said propably apply only to the place where you're staying.

    "74. Brazilians are pretty flexible people – they tend to change their jobs every 6 months."

    And brazilians love Crocs, do we, really?

    And where have you met those people with those names? hahaha

    Alright, it is a good article. Congratulations for remembering all this. But beware of stuff you may find more general than they actually are.

  18. Not all true.. But not far from the truth.


  19. You got a lot of it right.

    Now, "saideira" is a night cap. The free drink you DEMAND after paying a high bill is a "cortesia".


  20. I don't think everything is correct, but those were your impressions, and that's fine. And... I laughed a lot with the text! Great!
    Yes, we think you, germans, drink warm beer! rsrsrs

  21. 1. Of course we do. After and before every meal, actually. Also when we wake up and before sleeping. Don' t you guys do that?

    6. I prefer using horns, since I love Heavy Metal: http://www.google.com.br/imgres?hl=pt-BR&tbo=d&biw=1024&bih=630&tbm=isch&tbnid=3mvsn36DDJ1B6M:&imgrefurl=http://www.sodahead.com/fun/sign-of-the-horns/question-1423841/&docid=Y97Ub6yGvCemEM&imgurl=http://pointersviewpoint.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/ily.jpg&w=1024&h=768&ei=MKXHUK3qHaeF0QGS9YBQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=282&vpy=123&dur=756&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=137&ty=124&sig=104884929162575033838&page=1&tbnh=149&tbnw=181&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:0,i:102

    13. Most of of people I know only got married in their 30s!

    14. Sorry, that does not apply for most of girls. Actually, I hate telephones.

    15. Are you calling us stupid? Yes, we use calculators, as much as everyone else... Actually, my father quit studying after fifth grade and he still can make a lot of complex calculations in his own head. Very quickly!

    17. The dialect of Minas Gerais can be compared to dialect of Texas. We call those guys (who live in Minas) redneck.

    18. Sorry, there is a lot of people in this country that hate samba. Including me. I also hate pagode, axé and brazilian funk.

    19. This is so wrong... Actually, people in North / Northeast work so much harder than guys from other regions of the country... And considering the size of our country, Sao Paulo and Rio are not so far from each other.

    22. This is only common in non official compromises, such as parties. So, it is kind of a rule, if the invitation says 18:00h, you should not arrive at the party before 18:30h.

    24. Well, of course we do (like sex). Who are you? An alien?

    50. Yeap. That's why I hate Brazilian Summer.

    56. Yes, they really explode.

    60 / 61 - The most sad things around here, I think.

    64 - Yes, most of us have to do that. In my case, to complete, I am also making an internship, while study at college (at my senior year) and work.

    65 - True. We usually say that there is at least 5 lawyers in each corner.

    68 - Speaking for every person I know: False. Actually, you might get mocked by using one of those.

    69 - Yes, because there is more stability in this area. So, the chances of being fired, are low.

    70 - That is really annoying. And if you do not paid off, you risk getting your car damaged by these idiots

    73 - Most of people around here do that and then, when confronted about it says: "It's alcohol's fault!" haha

    80 / 81 - That's awful. I really hate that is so hot around here, most of the time... but sometimes can be really cold also. Usually at the South of the country it is colder but in North / Northeast is hotter than hell.

    90 - We usually wear black at funerals. But not everyone respects that, since usually funerals are open to everyone.

    95 - You should try to mix it in the blender with some milk and sugar. It is awesome!

    96 - Usually saideira it is not free. But sometimes it is offered as a courtesy.

    1. 17. The dialect of Minas Gerais can be compared to dialect of Texas. We call those guys (who live in Minas) redneck.

      WTF? Sou de Belo Horizonte e nunca fui chamada de caipira e muito menos meu sotaque se "assemelha" ao texano. Ele generalizou e vc generalizou mais ainda!

      A little offensive, sis!

    2. Ué, vc pode achar que faz sentido ele dizer que nortistas e nordestinos não trabalham, só fazem festa, e não se pode "brincar" como sotaque mineiro?
      Pro resto do Brasi, o estereótipo de Minas é caipira sim. Minas e algumas cidades do interior de São Paulo, vide Zacarias e Mazzaropi.

    3. Caipira pode até ser (sou de BH também) mas redneck é outra coisa. Redneck são aqueles texanos extremamente conservadores e preconceituosos, nada a ver com os mineiros.

    4. Se mineiros são muito conservadores isto são, pois é exatamente isto que todo o resto do Brasil pensa sobre Minas, embora preconceituoso eu tenha lá minhas duvidas, pois não os considero tão extremistas, eu os acho tão preconceituoso como qualquer um do resto do Brasil

  22. A lot of these are misconceptions. Braces for example aren't an accessory, people who use it really need it to correct their teet. And when its done, they take it off. Nobody finds it beautiful.

    Some are actually pretty wrong. You're basing a lot of what you say about brazillians on Curitiba. The thing about cars using every millimiter of the street for instance, is something nonexistent in Brasília. Also, curitibanos have a lot of prejudices concerning the rest of the country(the thing about south working and north partying is just plain wrong), even though they never left the city. I should know, i live here too.

  23. Lol. I see all the revolted people trying to "correct" your post, protecting Brazil. Stop that for christ sake. Awesome post, it really shows the difference from us apart from the rest of the world. I really laughed at some and felt ashamed by most of the statements. Good job.

    1. hahahaha I agree with you, Mateus...even if some of the things are not true, they are things people hear about and they are funny! It was a great job!
      maybe you should add: brazilians are very proud of theirselves and get really angry if you say something bad about them.

      I think we should do what we do best and use our sense of humour instead of complaining this much.

  24. I had a great time with your post, nice work

  25. I've never used black on funerals.

    And I laughed so hard!

  26. 98. We inherited this habit of Portugal. The two names of families indicated what was the nobility of blood. Is culture colony and coloniser.

    1. Indeed. And this relates to "33.Brazilians are very cool with races. Not so cool with different social classes."

  27. Brazilian’s don’t throw toilet paper in the toilet.

    YES WE DO!
    I'm from Rio, but now I live in the USA and loved the post, bom trabalho cara!

  28. ADOREI cada palavra que li. Obrigada.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. AMAZING!
    I AM Brazilian and I can say that your long list is all true!

    Had a great time reading it and laughed a lot!
    Although I usually say I'm not a ''real'' Brazilian as I would rather live in the UK for good hahaha and other things too...


  31. I love how this text not only shows your point of view about Brazil, but it's also heavily influenced by the fact you live in Curitiba. Some habits in Southern Brazil are not that common in Rio or the Northeast, for an example (like FREEZING during winter, or eating German sweets). And FYI, "susse no musse" is A VERY CURITIBAN way of talking. I live in Santa Catarina and I've never heard it from anyone aside my friends from Curitiba, heh.
    Well, some points are not really accurate, but it's how YOU see things as a foreigner, and it only makes things more interesting.

  32. Cool list. I laughed a lot!

    There are some things that are wrong, but this is your vision about what you saw. So, no problem, I guess.

  33. Engraçado! Mas retrata muito mais a situação da zona urbana do que da zona rural.

  34. Eu achei muito legal, parabéns ao escritor, só observando do lado de fora para ver coisas que as vezes não notamos. Muito legal e engraçado

  35. Muito bom, eu como brasileiro não poderia fazer uma lista melhor que essa.

    PS: Mostrei para um amigo que é advogado, ele gostou até a parte do Dr.. Os advogados e médicos brasileiros são realmente pedantes.

  36. Really, the #92 item JUST. DESCRIBES. MY. EVERYDAY. LIFE.

    BEWARE, FOREIGNERS! Prepare your elbows and be happy on the moving stairs :3

  37. I had such an amazing time reading it.
    I'm not ok with some of the things but in general. that's SO Brazil.

  38. Como assim quanto mais pro norte mais festa e quanto mais pro sul mais trabalho? Que opinião idiota e preconceituosa -.-
    Coisa de gente que não tem o que fazer, proferir tais palavras. Moro no sul, e o que mais tem na cidade que eu moro é festa. Absolutamente TODO DIA tem festa aqui e várias festas. E gente que não trabalha e faz corpo mole também, assim como em qualquer lugar do país.
    Vamos parar de visão única em?

  39. Muito pretensioso e generalista esse texto!
    Realmente espero que tenha sido uma brincadeirinha de mau gosto feita por você, porque está bem ridículo.

  40. Some of your comments were slightly racist, although, in a few cases, kinda true... However, the list, in general, was pretty good. You were able to notice a lot of curious behavioral aspects that we, brazilians, are so used to that we no longer can notice the weirdness on them. Well done.

  41. Sorry for the overload of comments and sorry for all the people lacking sense of humor who showed up here, but I loved your post! :)

  42. HAHAHA I loved it!! I'm Brazilian and showed it to my boyfriend who is Canadian and without having ever told him about most of the things on the list, he just shook his head so many times cause he has seen them on me lol
    Awesome work!

  43. Pense num povo doido! Triste realidade pessoal. Menos Mimimi e mais observação. Não tem mentiras nesse texto.

  44. Dude, congrats for your sense of humor. I'm a truly brazilian guy and I laughed a lot! Of course not everything is true because it was certainly said to you by another brazilian. But I'm gonna recommend your text to everyone.
    It's important to hear other thoughts than only ourselves.

  45. Eu sou como um cigano e vivi muitos anos, uns 40 pelo menos, por vários países Europeus e nos Estados Unidos. Brasileiros são uma mistura de Europeus, Africanos, Asiáticos e um pouco dos Índios que os Europeus não conseguiram dizimar.. É um povo alegre por natureza e apreciado pelo mundo todo. É sempre uma alegria e admiração quando eu digo que sou brasileiro pelo mundo todo. Somos bastante apreciados pela nossa maneira de ser.
    Olá Manuel (nós usamos quase sempre o primeiro nome!), boa visita e espero que conheças ainda mais dos outros estados e deste povo alegre e esperançoso.

  46. I loved to see a "gringo" vision about Brazil. Obviously I disagree with many points you 've said. However, from the beginning of the reading, it was clear for me that I would find something I totally discord.
    Awesome text!

  47. As a brazilian I need to say your text is awesome. It has a lots of true, but we just laugh about it...thats how we are.

  48. I agree with all your points, just want to make a remark that "saudades" is used a lot like a feeling of "I miss you", when your love partner goes to a trip it's very common to say to her at the phone "Estou com saudades" which means 'I miss you".

    That's a great Brazilian Review, I'm one and I laughed hard xD

  49. Brazilian Here... and almost everything there is true. Great list, by the way, laughed a lot 8D
    And stop butthurting, guys.

  50. Hey, this a pretty good article, você tem que dar uma visitinha no Nordeste, principalmente o Ceará. Aqui as praias são lindas e o interior é muito bom.

  51. Vivendo alguns meses no Canada aprendi alguns costumes que trouxe de volta ao Brasil, como ficar a direita na escada rolante deixando a passagem livre para quem quiser passar e tirar os sapatos na entrada de casa. Espero que daqui vc leve boas lembranças e alguns de nossos costumes, como receber bem qualquer pessoa em sua casa e escovar os dentes apos o almoço :)
    Bom passeio pelo mundo afora!

  52. Number 19 is completely wrong, brazilians works and party a lot in all the country, there is no such thing as work in the south and party in the north. Number 56 is explained by the frequent cases of gullies explosion that happens in Rio (one of then was yesterday). At 62, the reason os the number os great brazilian fighters and champions in the UFC actually. And Brazil is the home country of MMA, UFC was created by brazilians and selled to the americans after. 65 you can add physicians too. In the 69, working in Petrobras??? The brazilians want to work in the public sector in general, not only in Petrobras, that it's not even one of the best options in the public sector. And I don't know from where did you get the number 13. People wedding at 24 age and before is the excpetion, not the rule.

  53. I throw toilet paper in the toilet... Sao Paulo and Rio are places where you can do that, but probably not in other states.

  54. nice text and vision about brazilians!!! hope you are enjoying this country ;)

  55. Autor provavelmente ama o Brasil e faz questão de o descrever com o mesmo "conhecimento" que temos sobre as bandas internacionais que vem tocar aqui. Awesome, let's go "falar do Brasil"

  56. Acho que você foi tremendamente generalista em DIVERSOS pontos do seu "roteiro" de como o brasileiro se comporta. Sabe o tamanho desse país? Da diversidade do nosso povo? Não acho que mesmo um BRASILEIRO possa um dia ter o pleno conhecimento de como todos daqui são, fazem, se vestem, comem etc. É muita pretensão da sua parte generalizar dessa bestial forma tudo o que observou aqui (que aposto que foi MUITO MENOS de um décimo do que existe no meu amado país).

  57. Agree with a lot of thing, disagree with the major topics. A racist, generalist speech! But you know, NÓS BRASILEIROS can talk and generalize as much as we want about our country, but we simply DON'T LIKE foreigns talking about it ! Nor the Europeans and North Americans are not all equal neighter we are!

    I am Brazilian and HATE FOOTBOOL, do follow rules and do things the right way and so on!

    1. Funny that. You criticize the 'generalização' and is 'generalizando'. I love foreings talking about my country, specially good things, like I saw here mostly, and in a very good and funny way. And that's a lot of true.


      I really think people *should* understand that 'toda generalização é burra' is valuable in 'toda generalização', simply because it is. And MOVE ON.

    2. Gi,eu achei demais! mesmo generalizando!

    3. Por que nós podemos e eles não? Sério... esse comentário foi o mais tosco de todos... mesmo por que eu duvido que você nunca tenha quebrado uma regra se quer... aposto que foram várias inclusive...

  58. Manuel, o nosso costume de sobrenomes é herdado de Portugal. Colocamos o nosso primeiro nome seguido do sobrenome da mãe e do pai. Tem gente com vários sobrenomes, tem gente (como eu) que herda só de um e fica com nome pequeno.

    Eu gostei do texto. Até as generalizações foram engraçadas e isso é bom - a gente tem essa habilidade em rirmos de nós mesmos. E sei que você não fez este texto como uma crítica e, sim, como uma brincadeira - e vai levar muita coisa pra tua terra, vai sentir saudade daqui e vai curtir as lembranças. Quiçá, até volte. Mas não espalha por aí que a gente é tranquilo assim, desse jeito, porque vão achar que somos todos preguiçosos! hahahaha :)

  59. The stereotypes I've been able to gather in my time here.

  60. Very interesting post, Manuel. We are going to share it on our fanpage (facebook.com/cellep) to check the views of our followers on the subject. We are a language school and most of them are teachers and students of English and very interested on cultural topics about Brazil and other countries and cultures.

  61. The article is good, but it has a lot of prejudice...
    By the way, what's wrong about using braces and brush our teeth? It's part of our health, it's hygienic!
    Anyway, hope you have a good experience here...

  62. Its an allright text, funny sometimes but most of the statements are not true/bullshit/only relevant to south.
    This guy obviously never spent time in north/northeast Brazil.

  63. Good stuff, hope these guys know tongue is firmly in cheek.
    Brazilians are very anti gay. As well and being racist..of course, they dont say they are racist, they just dont like poor people, just happens to be main place for black people.
    I asked my students if they could to god before their child was born and he said the baby would be born healthy, but would have to be either gay or black. THEY CHOSE BLACK, EVEN MY GAY STUDENTS.

  64. Brazilians all seem to hate Brazilian funk. But then you meet all of them bouncing like crazy at the party. LOL

    Just loved your text!

  65. The text is funny and real. What happens is that Brazilians doesn't understand the concept of "generalização".

    101 - Brazilians hate "generalização". It's something that they can't really understand. When you say "All Brazilians brush their teeth at lunchtime" they are incapable of understanding that this is a language tool. Often on the internet, Brazilians will go crazy against you when you say something like 1 and then put in the comments, like this is some sort of huge argument: "não generaliza".

  66. Great post, man. Most people claiming item X or Y is wrong and that "you don't know Brazil" probably never went off their hometowns and don't "know Brazil" themselves.

    Although you use some slang from the town you're living now, the post is a fun and very accurate observation of how we fellow Brazilians behave and live in different parts of the country. I guess you've traveled a lot or you have amazing Internat pen pals from all over the country, because you've nailed it.

    Cheers from a southerner living in Sao Paulo.

  67. A typical tourist-friendly, theme-park version of Brazil with the virtue of not making me much of a brazillian at all! I better get used to it: this version of Brazil will be sold wholesale to a lot of noble foreigners like yourself when the soccer world cup hits...

  68. And the thing about the braces it's so true! My guess is that they are cheaper here than elsewhere and we love beautiful teeth. That's one of the explanations for 1., actually.

    And we usually think that europeans' smiles are very often ugly. ahahhahah

  69. I thought that was really funny, and most part is true. But I have some notes about of some topics. Actually, the numbers 27, 33 and 98 are really related. The 27 is about brazilians with Europeans last names. The portuguese last names comes from the first colonies, maybe nobility, maybe thieves, prostitutes, and new converted Jews: Machado, Oliveira, Figueira. But the other European names like yours: Schneider, comes from the imigrants from the last years of xix century. Poor Europeans from country farms looking a new chance at the new world. Some of them got it, like the Matarazzo family. Others get married with rich brazilian families from São Paulo to have a European name, something very commom at 1920s. With that the "European" brazilians got the midle class, or class C, as says the IBGE, because they had land and work given from the government, so they just needed to work to prouduce and to develop themselves. On other hand, the blacks didn't have this oportunity. After te release from slavery, they didn't earn any land, any work, any choice. That's why most part of the Class C, D and E are blacks, pardos, mulatos, etc. Because of our Iberic culture, I believe, the racism was never a big thing. the mix of colors is present in history since de 16 century. But the classes is other story. That's what some historians call: The cloved racism, o racismo velado, practiced at social class, job interviews, the war between south an north of Brazil. That's why a remember what you said in the number 19 about work. I dont't know if you went to Nordeste, the Northest, but the idea of hard work from the south is not that true. I never went to northeast. I live in Brasilia. But my family comes from there, and they worked a lot when the came from there to scape from starve. The idea of work is a Paulista prejudice, in my opinion, my prejudice, I suppose you passed there, and you now are in Curitiba, wich is a little worse for this kind of thought. So, about last names. The brazilians from sao Paulo, Curitiba and the rest of south of Brazil, has a lot of decendents from Europeans imigrants, and they are proud about their last names. Names like sousa and silva are to ordinary and not that pretty as Schneider, for example in their opinion, Most part from this ordinary names comes from black, pardos like me. The historian idea of the ordinary names is that was given name of register for slaves from their owners. But Names like Sousa and Silva are noble names at Portugal. Actually, rich families from Pernambuco and other northeast rich families are decendent from the Portuguese nobility and they are very proud from their names.
    Sorry if I offend you opinion or any paulista present. But in elections they just hate norteast for many reasons and some are true, but call northeast lazy only because they party more its too absurd.

  70. 30. Brazilians have a very healthy patriotism.

    I don't believe so. Solidarity is more correct, wich is doing nice things to another one, regardless of country relation. In the other hand, patriotism has more to do with proud of being born in Brazil, doing nice things with the conscience of beign brazilian, wich, specially with the mid class and richer, it's really far from healthy. It's strongly related to the "58" point ("Conformismo" for the poor ones) + the general sense of selfishness (as citizens not as human beigns - The "Not my problem" rule) .

  71. 30. Brazilians have a very healthy patriotism.

    I don't believe so. Solidarity is more correct, wich is doing nice things to another one, regardless of country relation. In the other hand, patriotism has more to do with proud of being born in Brazil, doing nice things with the conscience of beign brazilian, wich, specially with the mid class and richer, it's really far from healthy. It's strongly related to the "58" point ("Conformismo" for the poor ones) + the general sense of selfishness (as citizens not as human beigns - The "Not my problem" rule) .

  72. You nailed it. Would you mind if I translate this to Portuguese and publish it on my blog http://jvnande.com? Redirecting to you as the author, of course.

  73. 101 - Brazilians love foreigners for no reason and agree with them in every single word no matter if it's all bullshit or not.

    I can't say I didn't laugh with parts of your text, but of course it's too broad to be true. We're millions of different people and a hundred statements would never describe all of us.

    Unfortunately most of what you say describe the average poor brazilian. Someone with a poor education who doesn't mind if being stolen by the government taxes or what and thinks caipirinha , churrasco and parties solve all their problems.

    Sorry mate, but it's not the first time I see one trying to generalize all of brazilians and it's not the first time one seriously missing it.

  74. 101. Brazilians have the most unique and bizarre way to laugh when chatting. AUEHUAEHUAHEUAEHUAHE!

  75. I LOOOOOOOOVED this!!! As a gringo who fell in love with Brasil and has since moved to Recife and been fortunate enough to travel throughout Brasil, I LOVE and appreciate this! I have learned so much, and learn more every day about Brasil. I generalize as well--but is all with carinho and love!!!

    Forte abraço,

    R Dub

  76. Some conceptions are distorced, but that's your way of seeing things in Brazil. Man, I laugh a lot! :}
    My sugestion? Travel more, meet more people from another places and expand your knowledge! I'll do the same if I visit your country :D


  77. as a gringo i found it very funny when i saw people pushing a car out of the way when it was in the way of their car own car. people would lock their car here but leave the hand brake off and let someone else move it. a result of a very limited amount of car parks in brasilia. has anyone else seen this else where?

  78. AWESOME!!!!!!! perfect! You got us very well! I was laughing as crazy! you should translate this and try to sell to a news paper like folha or estadão. It's really awesome!!!

  79. I loved your text. Realy.
    Funny and delicious.
    Now I used all my poor English =D
    No geral, seu apanhado foi bem amplo e completo.
    Impossível, claro, amarrar em 100 itens um país inteiro, mas deu para "pegar o espírito da coisa".
    Boa passagem pela nossa terrinha, e come uma polenta branca frita no Madalosso por mim, que sinto uma falta daquilo...

  80. Just to add:

    101. Brazilians never wear black socks, if someone is spotted wearing them they're instantly considered "gringos"

  81. Despite all complaints up there, I think you're pretty accurate in a lot of stuff. And of course, a lot of what you see is an image of an outsider, which is pretty cool to get. I do disagree with some of your points, like, us girls are not that crazy to get married. I actually see more of my US or Canada friends getting married at an early age then my Brazilian friends. But then again, it is tough to put somethings in a generalized way.
    I am from Minas Gerais and loved that you recommended our speaking. Specially bc ppl from Rio and São Paulo tend to make fun of us a lot. I do recommend you to try Minas Gerais food as well, you might fall in love with it ;)

  82. Cara, na boa, eu ODEIO esse povo que fica de mimimi "Ai, não pode generalizar! Nossa, o que você falou está completamente errado. Um absurdo o que você disse, eu não sou assim!"

    Porra, vocês não veem que o cara fez essa lista por pura e espôntanea vontade e por gostar do nosso país? E de uma forma fofa, leve e carinhosa? Deixa ele falar o que quiser, caralho!

    Desculpem os palavrões, mas é que eu fico puta com gente que se leva a sério demais!
    Apesar de não me encaixar em alguns tópicos, principalmente porque não sou de Curitiba, AMEI a lista e tô passando pra todos os meus amigos gringos que pretendem vir aqui um dia.
    Fiquei encantada com a forma que o Manuel conhece e descreveu a gente.

    E espero do fundo do meu coração que ele não comece a odiar o Brasil depois de todos esses comentários imbecis aqui.

    1. Concordo com vc Tha, foi um ótimo texto, ri e refleti em cada tópico. Em um comentário acima acabei escrevendo um livro, pq apenas queria botar contexto em alguns tópicos que acho que valem a relevância, como o caso do 33, bem forte, bem direta a opinião dele, e isso eu gostei. Espero não ter ficado de mimimi. A idéia é clara que tem paródia justamente pra rirmos junto. Eu sei bem que feijão com arroz é meu ritual sagrado! =D

  83. I'm guessing some people would like it better if the list was depicting them and not a whole.

    Notable job you did, Manuel. Congrats.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. 56. Rio citizens don’t step on gullies because they’re afraid that they might explode. God knows why.

    I´m no God, but a think that´s because they do explode!

  86. I'm from Brazil and this is almost correct. Just one thing: how can you think people from Curitiba are happy? They're not (and they're proud of that, it would seem).

    ps. Rio's gullies do explode and people have died from that, something to do with the home gas system :(

  87. 31. Brazilians like massive TVs. And rede globo.

    Please, Globo sux, nobody likes Rede Globo. If you ask around you will see that generally people watch them because tehy have nothing else to do.

    Glogo is worst than Fox.

  88. You probably have been living in Brazil for a while, or you are a very good observer! Very cool!!....over 90% of your observations are correct. I'm brazilian, and some of the observations I had never really noticed, although I've lived abroad, and therefore i've seen different cultures and behaviors than the brazilian one. Enjoy your time here!

  89. Manuel, you made my day! I spend 3 months in BR last year and I loved it! :) I agree with almost all of the observations - I refuse to actually believe no 81, "cold" and "Brazil" don't get along :D

  90. Sorry, I find your text a little offensive at some parts and you're a little misinformed at others. Besides, you should stop saying "always", "not exception" and so on. You don't know the entire country.

  91. That's a great text, Manuel! I'm a Brazilian studying in Canada, and I usually tell my non-Brazilian friends some things you wrote here! Futhermore, I strongly agree with number 17 =)

  92. Me diverti um monte lendo esse post! Suas observações são bem interessantes :)

  93. "93. Brazilians enjoy the service of frentistas, people who fill up your vehicle."
    Actually, there is a crazy law here that prevents gas stations from having self serving gas pumps. It's probably to help decreasing unemployment.

  94. 100 prejudice topics... We are more then 200.000.000 people on the Brazilian's label. It is pretentious, poor and not even funny try to put everybody in a such big and diversity country with the same ideas, beliefs and maners. Try to do it with your own country. You will find how ridiculous it will sound.

  95. I like your article and you will get a lot of Brazilians comments about it, because of 3 points:

    1.) Brazilians do not like to tell the truth (bater de frente) it is in there biology to lie (jogo de cintura).

    2.) Brazilians can not work with other opinions, with critic or with modern ideas.They think all the time that you are talking bad about them, so how can you discuss with them a theme constructively?

    3.) They are 80% emotional and 20% rational.


  96. 9. Brazilians are stuck in traffic. But they seem to be super comfortable with a 2-hour trip to work each day and back. Also going on a 600km daytrip is no big deal for Brazilians. Tranquilidade, cara.
    (Im sry, but ive never seen anyone stuck on traffic happy about it!)

    13. Brazilians get married at the age of 24. Preferably earlier. (???? Preferably later.)

    14. Brazilian daughters have to call their mums at least three times per day. It’s within their biology.(whats this supposed to mean?)

    15. Brazilians love their calculators. They have to. (WHAT?? We learn everysingledetail of calculations, calculators are NOT allowed in class - while in US you can even use it on the TESTS. Now what is "THEY HAVE TO" supposed to mean?)

    19. The work/party ratio is spread across Brazil. The further south you live the more you work, the further north you live the more you party. It’s as easy as that. Hence, Brazilians of Rio know the joie de vivre. Brazilians of Sao Paulo know how to work. (not exactly true...)

    20. Brazilians seem to love the constant thrill. Be it driving like mad or just the daily shower with the danger of an electric shock. The adventure is always out there for Brazilians. (Again: WHAT??)

    39. Brazilians wear braces. No matter how old they are or what they do. It’s like a necklace for them. Just on the teeth. Bling bling. (that means: TAKING CARE OF OUR TEETH --' something you guys should start doing.. #justsaying)

    45. Brazilians seem to think that Germans drink warm beer and eat Eisbein on a daily basis. And Sauerkraut. (never even heard about this..)

    97. Brazilians are the fastest to leave the cinemas. My hypothesis is that they only go into the movies to win the race at the end, being the one who first leaves the theatre.
    (i cant even read this again cause its the dumbest thing ive ever read in my life)

    Those are just some examples of your stupidity. I dont know you or who youve been hanging out with, but you gotta open up your mind a little A LOT. You are NOT Brazilian, you DO NOT know the whole country, you CANNOT say anything bad about us NEITHER make jokes about ANYTHING (especially if they are offensive) you DONT HAVE THAT RIGHT. And you can NEVER generalize something about anything that you dont entirely or enough, THATS JUST RUDE. And I feel more bad about ALL THESE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU, just pathetic. (im not saying that you got EVERYTHING WRONG, but most of them.) So i suggest you learn more before talking about BRASIL!

  97. that's great, Manuel, I laughed my head off will all your comments and details!!!!

  98. Americano bem sucedido fica nos EUA, não precisa vir para o Brasil tirar onda de costumes que acha que entendeu.

    1. #101 Brazilians think every foreigner must be American.

      #102 Brazilians think every foreigner who resides in Brazil must do so for lacking better options.

      Ele entendeu. As exceções só confirmam a regra! E a lógica distorcida do seu comentário é bem mais ofensiva que toda a lista junta.

  99. Can't stop laugh at 98. :-)
    BTW, what is your mother's name?

    Great text man, thanks and hope you are enjoying your stay.

  100. Kkkkk, legal.. Me vi em vários tópicos.. O pessoal que tá criticando, ou fazendo discurso político devia saber que quando um texto é baseado em opiniões pessoais, o sentimento e experiências do cara estão impressas nele, e quem é capaz de julgar isso?? Acho que cabe mais um tópico no post, que brasileiros querem virar vereadores, assim como o tiririca, escrevendo (exceto pelo escrever..rsrs) absurdos no fórum errado.

  101. Prezado Thales,

    Eu já tinha decidido que minhas poucas palavras neste post infeliz já tinham sido suficientes para opinar, inclusive sobre a impropriedade do post em si. Mas aí vejo seu comentário, nem um pouco mais feliz, e me sinto obrigado a voltar.

    Não, Thales, opinar em uma postagem deste quilate não é nada absurdo. Antes, pelo contrário, é quase uma necessidade de esclarecer o que pretendeu o autor confundir. Minha posição é absolutamente isenta de paixões ou nacionalismos. Na verdade eu tenho muito mais é preguiça do que qualquer coisa. Já fui estrangeiro em muitas terras (algumas delas inclusive DENTRO do Brasil). Encontrei gente boa, gente ruim, gente trabalhadora, gente preguiçosa, gente acolhedora, gente que detesta gente de fora, gente bonita, feia, magra, gorda, alta, baixa, moderna, antiquada, carnívoros, vegetarianos,pobres, ricos.. Estou falando do Brasil mesmo. Mas esta regra vale, a princípio, para todos os demais países que conheci.

    Há muito lugar comum neste texto, alguns com cheiro de preconceitos velhos e já requentados. Quanto mais ao sul, mais se trabalha e quanto mais ao norte mais se diverte??? Preconceito puro!! Eu conheço muita gente trabalhadora no norte e vagabunda no sul.

    Brasileiro desmarca reunião no último minuto. Tradução: Chama-nos, a todos, de desorganizados e pouco profissionais.... Preconceito velho e requentado.

    Passamos por alguns tópicos bem "lugar-comum"... para desaguar em outros mais preconceituosos.

    Listar é, de per si, impossível. Tentar é um direito de quem pretende. Mas no fim o resultado é pífio. Eu morei em um país que tem 6 milhões de habitantes (menos que na minha cidade!). Encontrei todo tipo de pessoa... eu jamais seria capaz de listar 100 caracteristicas comuns a eles, sem incorrer no erro de generalizar, banalizar e ser preconceituoso.

    Na verdade estou aqui pensando... No meu prédio moram aproximadamente umas 50 pessoas. Eu acho que não há uma lista possível de ser feita aqui. As pessoas são muito diferentes entre is para isto.

    Por fim, eu não gosto de samba, nem de carnaval, odeio transito (esta parte foi o fim), não tenho paixão por carros, não convido as pessoas que me são estranhas para minha casa, arroz com feijão não é meu prato preferido, apesar de não morar no sul, trabalho 12 horas por dia e 6 dias por semana, eu tenho bom gosto por isto não vou a qualquer show nem de banda brasileira nem de banda internacional. Por fim, desalimento o preconceito do autor: Acho fogos de artifício o fim da picada, apenas para citar alguns dos preconceitos destilados.

    Onde eu devo entregar meu passaporte?

    1. Concordo com o Thales, tem gente que vem até o blog do cara com esta falácia de estar defendendo o país.

      Isto é falta do que fazer. É fácil compreender o tom divertido das observações

      Amadureçam e aprendam a ter respeito !!

    2. Nó... "esta falácia de estar defendendo o país"????

      Seja lá o que isto pretendeu dizer, você ganhou.

    3. E viva a liberdade de expressao! A graca do post é realmente os estereótipos, e nao existe piada mais engracada do que rir de si mesmo.

  102. Really enjoyed reading the post. There are some witty remarks!
    I laughed at the one about the names (there are some wild combinations with surnames, too. Like in my family: Jean Pierre Hashimoto); and the one about girls calling their mothers (though I myself hate calling anyone, I see many doing that).
    Not wearing black is not disrespectful, the main thing is to be there, hug, listen, or just be present.

    We use saudade a lot, true! But I think it basically means 'missing (specially) someone or something'. The only diffrence being that we use a (beautiful) noun, not a verb. But when we feel saudade, we miss someone or something, that's it.

    All in all, very nice! - thumbs up - rs - tudo de bom pra vc!

  103. bem legal esse artigo! Vou usar nas minhas aulas de português!

  104. Então fica assim: Vou ajudar o autor do post.

    101. Brasileiro acha super legal que falem dele as maiores asneiras, que sejam preconceituosos em relação a ele ou, em outras palavras, Brasileiro tem um sério problema de auto-estima (acha-se uma boa piada).

  105. 98. they ask the name of his mother because there may be someone else with your same name, then the mother's name is to differentiate you from other namesake, as it can hardly be another mother with the same name as yours.

  106. 1 - well... shouldn't we?
    4 - some of those names are urban legends
    5 - yeah... I dont like crowds, but I do like people
    6 - we call it "JOINHA"
    7 - it's almost the "sweet sixteen"
    9 - well... with our terrible public transportation... it is bound to happen
    13 - I did at 25, my wife was 21.
    14 - yes it is. All about love.
    15 - I have one in my smartphone
    16 - we have to!
    17 - yes, Minas Gerais accent is beautiful.
    20 - if the shower is correctly installed, no issue there.
    21 - 110/127/220/230v.
    22 - unfortunately, it is true. Annoying, actually.
    23 - true... I wish we would actually go and have a bate-papo...
    24 - shouldn't we?
    25 - I love that
    26 - I hate novelas...
    27 - I have Italian heritage, with some traces of Portuguese on it. Nice mix.
    28 - the max is 72 months, very unusual, usually is 48-60 months. But yeah we do love our cars.
    29 - yeah.. computers, smartphones, big screen TVs...
    30 - only during world cup and olympics
    32 - shouldn't we?
    33 - unfortunately... we should not look to social classes nor races...
    34 - tastes amazing, doesn't it?
    36, 37, 38 - again, tastes amazing, doesn't it?
    39 - we want nice teeth
    40 - money grow on trees!
    43 - I love coffee... coffee is our friend!
    45 - don't you? tastes good!
    48, 49 - I dont...
    50 - yeah we suffer...
    51 - I dont buy nike shocks cause they are expensive.. Mizunos are cheaper
    53 - LOL true
    56 - unfortunately that is true.
    58 - I do stress
    59 - yes... unfortunately, although it has been improving a lot
    60, 61, 62 - I hate it.
    66 - their meat is great.
    67 - I know! I know!
    69 - you can't get laid off in the public sector, also you get a full retirement payment
    70 - not everywhere...
    73 - that is not funk. Funk is something nice from the 70's.
    75 - LOL true
    76 - true true
    77 - isn't Curitiba perfect?
    80, 81 - true
    82 - annoying, over 100 day's of
    85 - sad but true
    86 - I believe... but there is a long way to go
    87 - money grow on trees!
    88 - thank God
    90 - we do. We just dont have that many black clothes to wear, after all we are a tropical coutry
    94 - I don't!
    97 - we love racing
    98 - to avoid issues with same names. Some guys have kids with 3 different women and name them all after themselves... so it is easier to sort them out by their mother names
    99 - tooooooo expensive!
    100 - why should we?

  107. 91. In Brazil you will find literally every hairstyle (usually influenced by football players), every skincolor, and every ethnic background. The Brazilian per se does not exist.

    "The Brazilian per se does not exist."

    Are you fucking kidding me?
    Vinha bem, até pisar no tomate com essa.

  108. you did a great job, but the 19th part was really disrespectful. Saying that people from the north/northeast don't work and just party was harsh. It was like saying that all gay people are pervs, or all women are dumb or all germans nazis. really disrespectfull.

  109. Hahaha, you're almost completely right!! Love the post!

  110. Manuel,

    I am Brazilian, and currently live in Moscow. Most people usually don't believe you, but I bet you will: I feel colder in Brazil than I feel in Moscow!

  111. SO DAMN TRUE!
    (é claro que com alguma generalizada...)

  112. Very annoying text, worst definition ever, I agree with some things, but there´s a lot of jargões that would only come from somebody that lives in Curitiba and doesn´t know da fuck he´s talking about. Yes I´m Brazilian, I am malandro like most of us are, and I think you´re a stupid asshole that watches globo all day non stop.

  113. Great Post! I´ve lived in Germany and I have a lot of contact with german people on a daily basis. Some aspects I´d like to bring to discussion: are brazilians marringa taht "early"?24??!! Sorry, I don´t see it in São Paulo and I have some friends form other places that got married arount their 30s. I all depends on the family bacground and social classes. About the "clubes", they used to be much more popular over here like the "Vereine" in germany. They are being replaced by the fitness studio. Brazilians all ages and social classes are going weekly or daily to workaout at those faciities.

  114. It is a bit rich coming from a German guy to say that fashion is stuck in the 80´s. Dude, I live in Berlin, and here I do see people truly stuck in the 80s! And I think you should have travelled in and around Brazil a bit more before writing your impressions. You mention Crocs, but not Havaianas? Huh? Yeah, we care about our teeth, that´s why we wear braces so do not get the horrendous European teeth. Intersting to read about your impressions of our country, but most are wrong, I am afraid.

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  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. "Mit Sicherheit hab ich nicht alles gelesen aber ich kann dir sagen, dass der Teil, den ich gelesen habe, sehr lustig war! Ich hätte auch sowas schreiben sollen, als ich in deinem Land als ein Austauschstudent war! Viel Spass in Brasilien! Ich hoffe, dass es dir sehr gefällt, hier zu wohnen!"

  118. This text is really good! I like it!
    BUT, you have a lot of untrue things in this text!
    for example: 1. Brazilians DO wear black clothes in funerals. It is very unrespectful if you don't.
    2. Not all brazilians have weird names :) Normally the poor ones put these kinds of names.
    3. I am brazilians, and most people I know (seriously, 90%!) actually HATE shopping centers!
    4. Brazilians don't get married so early. Maybe where you lives it was normal, but nowadays people are getting married later and later.
    5. The thing with the more you go to the north, the more you party. Is so not true!
    The people from the NorthEast work as motherfuckers, and have a smaller salary than the people in the Southeast, such as people in Sao Paulo...and "paulistas" party a lot!
    6. Not every brazilian likes novelas. Mostly the smartest people actually hate them.
    7. We don not adore our cars. Just douchebags spend so much money on a sound system, and normally people hate them.
    8. We do NOT LIKE MASSIVE TVS!!!!!! These make people dumber!
    9. Only the brazilians in the south eat Eisbein on a daily basis. The same for Sauerkraut.
    10. My life is not the beach. This is only for the ones that live close to it. you are just supporting the stupid stereotype that Brazil is a huge beach with a lot of hot-easy girls jusy lying there all day.
    11. Man with Nike Shocks are just the rich stupid dandies.
    12. Most of us actually know how beautiful the country side is :) Thank you!
    14. The farmers are not the fellas with the big money. Only the Big farmers, the ones that export soy, corn and meat. The other farmes, that produce food, continue to be poor.
    15. We don't automatically love foreign bands.

    I hope you don't mind! Your text was actually ver nice, but I HAD TO talk about these "mistakes".

    1. and sorry for some english mistakes, I was typing fast and didn't notice :P