Saturday, 7 August 2010

01.08.2010 How to become a scout... (Linz to Emmersdorf, 120km)

Nagyobb térképre váltás

After an ultra-comfty sleep on Sarah's couch, we are taking it easy. 7km of nice, smooth downhill cruising, just to arrive at the valley to get a drive-in brunch at McDonalds. That's what we call joie de vivre. Accompanied by perfect weather and filled with a cheesburgers and big macs, we continue making our way to Vienna on the beautiful north side of the Danube river. The track is flat and things are good. But they get even better. At some remote village near Mitterkirchen, we pass by a couple of houses, one of which is playing music to the max. And what's that person playing? Yepp, our man "Gute Laune DJ" ! Put the speakers up! We laugh, high-five and continue cycling with huge smiles on our faces.

The smiles don't even fade as we get lost due to misleading signs at some major roadworks. We rather crack out laughing as other cyclists tell us, that they had only followed us, because our "appearance is rather professional" and because we "radiate expertise". Yeah right...

After a pizza, a nap and an enormous icecream in the pittoresque town of Grein, we continue our way to Melk, via the odd-named town of Ybbs. Close to Melk, we stop at a farm in order to ask for some drinking water and subsequently prepare for our first night camping. Scout time! We quickly discover a nice lake in the area and set up our tents. We even almost cooked something on our camping cooker, but just in time we discovered a small hut selling chips. We postpone our scout career...

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