Monday, 9 August 2010

07.08.2010 Budapest – Chillax day

Budapest baby. The Hungarian capital is overwhelming, not only whilst cycling through it during a thunderstorm at night.

We used the day to do some laundry, check out downtown and catch up with other couchsurfers to cook some dinner. “Paprikas” was on the menu at Mira’s, consisting of potatoes, salami and secret ingredients. Gyuri turned out to be not only a savvy bike mechanic, but also an excellent cook. At the overwhelming apartment of Mira, we therefore relished the opportunity to get our hands on some traditional Hungarian food. YUM! Afterwards Mira took us to the awesomest location ever: “Szimpla”. It’s a bar which is set up in some ran-down house, somewhere in the old parts of Pest (Budapest actually consists of two cities: Buda and Pest, fyi). What a night, fully of great dancemoves, cheesy pick-up lines and in-your-face-moments.

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