Saturday, 7 August 2010

02.08.2010 Birthday-boy on the road! (Emmersdorf to Vienna, 140km)

Nagyobb térképre váltás

Ooooh guess who's birthday it is? Andreas is the birthday boy! In good old choir-manner, Manuel positions himself in front of the tent and sings a birthday song, full of love, passion and all that. The lake is calling for a swim and we induldge the cool fresh water on that warm August morning. Ok, time to pack. It's getting hot now, 35 degrees burning on our arms. oh yeah speaking of which: in the meanwhile we have developed one of most legendary tans ever. nice, chocolate coloured legs and arms, sweet cheesy-IT-Nerd-white-tan every where else. AST (Andreas Stenger) even managed to get a striped sunburn on his head. Manuel is kinda jealous. Anyways, it is just beautiful. This unique tanning experience, presented by the probably fittest guys in Europe shall soon be seen in all major cool-cat magazines.

Oh yeah, and speaking of cool cats. We've been having a hard time finding a place to sleep in Vienna. Not only could Manuel's friend not welcome the two hotties, but also did it prove hard to find a couchsurfer. But then, at last, Herve, a frenchie living in Vienna, has mercy upon us. He invites us over and provides us with a most comfortable place to sleep, namely on the floor of his kitchen and his living room. But not only us. We end up staying in his 1-beedroom flat with two korean girls, one italian and one french guy. A birthday that certainly won't be forgotten. What a crazy trip.

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