Monday, 16 August 2010

13.08.2010 Stop the traffic (Novi Sad to Novi Banovci 65 km)

Größere Kartenansicht

WHO ARE YOU? - Manuel yelled. Around 6 am, an old, bold man stood right in front of our couch, breathing heavily with a cigarette in his mouth, staring right at us.

AST, AST, AST, WAKE UP!, the man turned around, switched off the light and left. Andreas wasn t all that impressed by the situation and went back to sleep straight away, whilst Manuel was lying on the broken couch, truly confused.

Later that day we found out that the old man was Kristijan's grandad. And in fact, it wasn't really Kristijans house. He only had been sharing it with his granddad for some time. yeah.

We packed our gear, went to see the art camp where Kristijan had been working at, said goodbye to the couchsurfingfolks and eventually found a bus that took us back to Novi Sad.

Passing by the famous fortress of Novi Sad, we embrace the intense traffic. The combination of sticky weather and challenging mountains was just lovely. But hey, once again, the people keep us going. More cheering on the way as we reach the smaller villages... we just love the countryside and its small villages. Splendid!

The ride was pretty tiring, therefore we decided not to cycle right to the center of yet an other stressful city, namely Belgrade, and instead looked for accommodation in its outskirts. Thanks to two lovely ladies in the street, we found the awesome hotel named Kondor. Not only did we get a student discount, the service moreover exceeded our expectations and the breakfast the next morning was just enormous. Like enormously good. Enormous bacon and eggs. YUM.

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