Saturday, 7 August 2010

03.08.2010 Puck you with P! (Stay in Vienna, 10 km)

It's all about the mighty mighty chill-out. We are considering it wise to get a couple of days on our tour on which we just don't do anything apart from eating and eating.
Therefore Vienna consists of heaps of sleep, a small city tour along the major sights and a big, international cooking-session, attempting to cook "Semmelknoedel" with some french-style meat (we still don't have a clue what it was, but our man Herve did it, so it was great, uhm, yeah.) Oh yeah, and we thought our Korean friends some new expressions, like "Puck you with P". They were greatful for this truly interesting lesson.

After mouthwatering cookingexperiences, we just love to move our hips. Dancing, or at least walking to a pub that is. An old schoolmate of Manuel is now living in Vienna and invites the cyclist-boys for a pint. Cyclemaniac as we are, we head off at 2am, on our bikes to head to a pub in the centre of town, called Chelsea. After our quick beer,it's time to find the way back to Herves Monsterappartment. After hours and hours of beautiful yet lost night cycling in Vienna, we eventually get to Herves place, just to find out that the repair kit, which was attached to Manuel's bike and which contained pretty much all important tools, had been stolen whilst enjoying the beer at the "chelsea"s. Hail to the thief. Puck you with P! Lesson learned though.

P.S: Andreas kindly wants the readers to notice the following: He did not even attempt to drink, taste or even smell a beer that night.

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