Monday, 9 August 2010

08.08.2010 Budapest – city cruising…

The night was long, especially the walk home. We initially intended to head off today towards Belgrade, but going to bed at 5 didn’t prove very helpful. Instead we pulled a Joker card. We fortunately have a couple of them left so it’s fine, and then Budapest is definitely a town worth seeing. Gyuri, our caring host has asked a friend of his to join us on a city cruising tour. We grabbed our bikes and experienced a truly beautiful and stunning city. Spaghetti Bolognese in the evening was, just to get energy for the next day. Now it’s time to go to bed.

Tomorrow we are heading into the wild. This is where the official Danube cycle path ends and the true Eastern Europe starts. We’ve done a third of our trip so far. The legs are feeling fine, our equipment is okay (apart from some minor technical issues), and we feel pretty confident about the next 1200 km. Internet will be scarce, therefore we hope to be able to give you a new update in about 3 days, when we reach Belgrade. And yeah, sorry about our delayed posts. As some of you might know, blogging does take quite some time and the internet connections are not as good as we hoped them to be. Therefore you’ll get one or two pictures of the day. The lot will follow if we get back to Germany safely, with all our organs. So, knock on wood…

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  1. I'm loving the posts Manu, it's a good laugh and I feel like I'm right there with you. Only I wouldn't ever try something like this as I am not insane ;> But living craziness vicariously will do fine for me. Keep it up! You are indeed Super Manu.