Monday, 9 August 2010

04.05.2010 If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna (Vienna to Bratislava, 70km)

Größere Kartenansicht

Well, we definitely took the craziness of Vienna. While the previous night certainly accounted for some of the craziness, the next morning wasn’t any worse. Our lovely, yet slightly mental French couchsurfing friend had invited even more couchsurfers, namely a Russian couple. Just after a completely relaxing night on the floor, the door bell rang and the Russians were about to invade. Hervé, who had already left the sinking ship in order to go to work, left the apartment to the 7 strangers. Good on him. It made it a bit stressful for us, as we wanted to leave and the whole floor of the apartment was covered with bags, cloths, bikes, shoes etc and turned it into a tough mission, packing all our stuff and not forgetting anything.

Humid weather, vienna road works and confusing maps are a no-no-no combination. It took us bloody 45 min. just to find our way out of the Austrian capital. Slovakia was on our radar, and we threw ourselves into 70 km of cycling in a pretty unspectacular landscape. Yep, we had been spoiled by the splendid countryside and weather on the way from Passau to Vienna!

Bratislava! Ahoj! Zdenka (yep she’s the couchsurfing host) came to pick up the smelly boys under the Danube bridge of Bratislava and took them home to her family home. There, her dad, mum, sister and the dog Unca welcomed us.

At the same time, Unca fell in love with Andreas, which isn’t really very surprising. It wasn’t really mutual at first, but upon departure the next morning, both had tears in their eyes. The night included however a very interesting guided tour through Bratislava and more importantly, an epic dance battle, which some of Slovakias finest dancers. More about that upon our return...

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