Monday, 23 August 2010

18.08.2010 The Romaniacs... (Donji Milanovac to Hinova, Romania, 85km)

Größere Kartenansicht

More beautiful scenery was awaiting us on the 18th... We rode our ladies past the narrowest part of the Danube and the so called Iron Gate, a mighty dam in the national park.

"You want to go to Bulgaria? You can also go through Serbia!" We thought it would be a nice idea to see yet another country on the way to Bulgaria, namely Romania, and did not even change our plans as the policeman at the border advised us to go through Serbia.

Romania is hard to describe. The roadconditions were a lot better than expected, yet the warm-hearted cheering that had been part of our trip through the Balkan countries so far, was replaced by suspicious looks and laughs. Furthermore, we experienced a theft at some small village: the chased villain had thrown the loot into a fountain and the victim and the police consequently tried to do their best to get the things out of there. We lent them our torches and felt alright.

Exchange rates are fun. Especially when the information given differs to the acutal exchange rate by a decimal place. We were riding around Romania thinking that 1 Euro = 43 Lei, whereas the actual exchange rate was 1 Euro = 4,3 Lei. The BB we had checked in in the evening was just weird. Seriously. It all started off by the host attempting to charge unbelievable prices (in Euros) for a night's stay. After a terrific round of bargaining, we agreed on the price of 20 Euros. As we only had 15 Euros left however, we handed him another 150 Romanian Lei, as we were calculating with the aforementioned exchange rate. Of course our host did not mention anything. How lovely.

The scales fell from our eyes as we ordered beer and a coke and payed 6 Romanian Lei. Hm... Lucky us, after ages of discussion, we managed to get our money back and give him the right amount... Good night...

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