Monday, 16 August 2010

12.08.2010 Sweat, baby, sweat... (Vukova, Croatia to Novi Sad, Serbia, 80 km)

Größere Kartenansicht

6.00 in the morning, we attended the early mass. Three nuns and the priest (Marjia's dad) held a service and we received blessings and prayers for our trip.

After that, Marjia and her sister Andrea came to see us in order to get some breakfast. While Andrea unfortunately had to go to see the doctor, Marja joined us for banana pancakes in a local cafe. The banana pancakes took ages, but that wasn't too much of a problem - Marjia filled us in on the recent history of the area and the influence of the civil war on all aspects of today's life in a Croatian border town.

Our destination for the day was Novi Sad, Serbia. This stage took us through tiring Croatian mountains, but the cheering of the locals and the beautiful countryside kept us going. That's what it's all about.

" SHIT PASSPORT! YOU HAVE A WATER PROBLEM". The police officer at the Serbian border could for some reason not appreciate, that Manuels passport was partly soaked with sweat, as he is carrying it in a holster on his back. As we promised to dry the passport in the near future, we received our desired stamp and went on to conquer country number 5: Serbia.

The traffic was mental. On a regular basis, we were close to snuggle with some overtaking truck. Slightly uncool, honestly. In the end, we somehow managed to reach the concrete student town of Novi Sad without being hit or run over by some crazy driver.

Couchsurfing was on for that night. Sounds familiar, right? Backo Gradiste was calling, a small town 30 km outside of Novi Sad. Kristijan, a 31 year old passionate couchsurfer and beer drinker welcomed us to his funky house. With a power cut taking place and cutting all connections of the village, candles were lit, beer bottles opened and stories told. Still laughing about Kristijan's passionate attempts to give a lively demonstration of previous drinking adventures, we moved into our room and hopped on the couch to get some well deserved sleep.

... We don't know what happened exactly, but in the middle of the night, the couch collapsed. High five, bed number 2, broken. Hm. We both fell asleep again, now lying in a slightly weird position.

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