Monday, 9 August 2010

06.08.10 When lightning strikes you… (Kormano to Budapest, 150 km)

Größere Kartenansicht

BAM! 6 am, and lightning strikes the house next to us and we literally fall out of bed. Good morning! An epic thunderstorm marks the start of a day, which will indeed be remembered.

After a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast prepared by our lovely hosts Barby and Tila (Barby’s cousin) we left Komarno for good, hoping to reach Budapest without getting into major thunderstorms. Gyuri invited us to stay at his apartment in Budapest. We shook hands and sealed the deal.

With courage and heaps of energy in our bellies, we started rolling, just to experience the first puncture after about 100m. Gyuri’s tyre had snuggled with some broken glass. No worries, no worries. Gyuri, an extremely knowledgeable cyclist got it repaired in no time. We embraced the mounting clouds and rainy skies around us, feeling tough, Hartland-boys as one might call us. There would have been the option to take a ferry all the way to Budapest. Well theoretically.

The first raindrops hit us about 30 min later. Still feeling tough, we stopped to help a French cyclist who had completely destroyed his gearshift in the middle of nowhere. The Karma was good and the clouds around us high.

Then it came down. And it so came down. And it so didn’t stop. And we can so tell you that the best raincoats won’t help you from getting totally soaked. And we can so be proud of us to cycle 150km through Hungarian thunderstorms (they are the worst and most frightening, we have heard) to arrive in Budapest at 11pm. Some might say: “Hardcore niggas on the mic tonight”

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  1. WOW, 150km, Good Job Manu!
    I was in a long-distant bike and camp trip one week ago with a friend, on average we only made about 60KM per day, 8 days slept in camping place in a tent, after 10 days we're extremely exhausted! Now reading your blog made me want to write down my bike trip too, keep doing it, and wish you a safe journey till the destination:)

    Nan from Praha