Monday, 16 August 2010

15.08.2010 The great escape (Kovin to Veliko Gradiste, 70km)

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Andreas had an awesome sleep. Manuel had a couple of minutes of sleep. But hey, you gotta appreciate the small things, right? Before hitting the road, we decided to frequent the local internet cafe in order to get our blog up to date. On the way there, we strolled through a small market, discovering a stand selling tools. We stopped for a second, eying some special pliers until all the sudden and out of nowhere, the strange guy at the first hotel we had looked at the previous night stood next to us and grunted "why didn t you stay at my place?" We said, we had found a cheaper place to sleep and that we didn t promise to come back to stay at his. "I lost 30 euros because of you. give me 20 euros or I will call the police."

Hm that sounded inviting. We smiled and didn t give him any money. He and another woman at the stand started shouting.

We forgot about the tools and tried to escape the market. We moved quickly towards the internet cafe, just to see it closed. shit. Alright, we had to get back to our hotel, which was located just a couple of meters away from the weird guy's place. We packed our gear in no time and rushed out of the town. we thought it would be a better idea not to mess with the police in Serbia.

In the heat of the moment, we rode our bikes through some broken glass just outside of the hotel. We thought everything went alright until just outside of Kovin, Andreas discovered that he had a flat tyre. We hid behind a tree next to the road, repaired the bike and continued our pretty quick ride towards Veliko Gradiste, a town on the Romanian Border...

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