Saturday, 14 August 2010

10.08.2010 As(s) we take care of ourselves… (Kalocsa to Mohacs, 120 km)

Größere Kartenansicht

Morning Morning! The sun was out, the bikes not stolen and we felt pretty good, considering that we had had a pretty uncomfortable, paranoid night in the tent. With heaps of motivation and peanut sandwiches in our bellies, we started rolling. Only for about 10 meters. First puncture for Andreas. But hey, it` s all part of the game, so no problem for the beardy heroes. We did probably the awesomest repair ever seen.

“Hey AST, did you apply the soothing bum-lotion?” – We really take care of one another. Yeah, the bums are sore, but we have an amazing lotion which helps us get through the day. Gotta have the good bum-lotion.

The ride was long and hot. Yet we reached or planned destination, Mohacs (bordertown of Hungary and Coratia), exceeding the 1000km on the way.

In the night, it`s camping again and dinner consists of delicious spaghetti with tomato-garlic sauce in our awesome camping cooker (thanks paddy!).

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