Monday, 9 August 2010

05.08.10 Better late than never… (Bratislava to Kormano, 120 km)

Größere Kartenansicht

Bye bye Zdenka, Unca and the rest of the very welcoming family. We took our time, just as we do each morning, so it was not until 1 pm until we could get back onto the saddles. It’s surprising how long it takes each time to actually pack our bags, even though we seemingly don’t carry loads of stuff. Anyways, after a lovely round of lost riding around Cunovo, a suburb of Bratislava, and some shopping at a superweird supermarket on the outskirts of B-town (the till girl was around 12 years old, her boyfriend around 41, heartwarming couple that was), we actually got back on track towards Komarno, a town on the Slovakian-Hungarian border.

Whilst riding on the dams of the Danube, we made a great encounter. Gyuri, a Hungarian which moved to Munich 25 years ago, is one of the few persons that cycle all the way from Passau to Budapest. We talked, laughed and shared some experiences as we were fighting strong headwinds and muddy gravel paths (joy!)

In Komarno, we were supposed to meet Barby. Yep. A couple of emails went back and forth to organize the catch up, but we still managed to write down a wrong number. As a result, we were in Komarno (including Gyuri, for whom we also wanted to find a place to sleep), but didn’t have a clue on how and where to meet our couchsurfing host for that night. Luckily, we had written down the street in which her apartment was supposed to be. On the plus side, Gyuri has also been equipped with a Sat Nav, therefore we could at least type in the street name and cruise around the block. Yet, we didn’t quite remember how Barby looked, nor had we an idea where to look for her apartment, as the street consisted of high-rise buildings only. It was already dark, and we had decided to look for a cheap hotel in town as suddenly a car rocks up next to us with somebody yelling: “MANUEEEEEEL”.

Oh. Hey Barby! Tears of joy, laughter and all that jazz. Slovakian pizza and some night sightseeing-tour in Komarno – best of the best.

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