Tuesday, 3 August 2010

28.07.2010 You should expect the unexpected...

Bugger! It’s Wednesday the 28.07.2010, Manuel is still at home in Herzogenaurach and the foot pedals won’t move. They’re stuck, rusty and seemingly no way to replace them with the new, super fancy click-in ones. Not even the local bicycle-stores can help. The sweat starts running down his forefront as he looks on the watch. It doesn’t only stress him, after the weeks of thorough preparation, but also the ones around him, particularly his mum.
Close to throwing himself to despair, he consults his savvy neighbour, who happens to be a knowledgeable cyclist and talented mechanic. Time is running, but it’s only at the end of the day, that the two manage to eventually get the new pedals onto the bike.

Meanwhile, in Kraiburg, Andreas is having a hard time mounting the bags onto his bicycle as matching devices seem nowhere to be found. As a consequence, this sends him on a quest all over southern Germany, to eventually find a local store at his hometown, which can fortunately help him out.

We clearly underestimated the preparation needed for such an extensive trip. As a result, we had to delay our departure by one day, to Thursday, 29.07.2010.

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  1. Hey mate, why's your mobile off? Would have been easier to join you guy knowing your current locationlocation -Stef